Wake Up or Wind Down: Morning + Evening Practices

Wake Up or Wind Down: Morning + Evening Practices

These practices are designed for you to awaken in the morning or wind down in the evening. Enjoy starting or ending your day with some introspection, movement, breath, and self-nourishment.

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Wake Up or Wind Down: Morning + Evening Practices
  • Morning Clarity

    Greet yourself with this sweet sequence designed to put you in a state of softness, opening and availability. Activate with twists, crow pose, twisted dog and then slow down with soothing supine postures and potent hip openers to help you connect to a sense of buoyancy and freshness inside.


  • Evening Calm

    This practice is designed to help you tune in and wind down. Nurture yourself with supported bridge, supine hip opening postures, rounded plow and end in a sweet savasana.

    Teacher: Jessie Barr

  • The Morning After (Movement + Meditation)

    A little bit of movement, a little bit of meditation. This 15-min class is designed for when you wake up in the morning feeling off - maybe from something that happened last night or yesterday. Now it's time to release and realign. Let's hit the reset button and begin again.

    Teacher: Shannon A...

  • Morning Pranayama

    Ease your way into your day with this powerful 9 minute practice using an energizing and clearing breath (Kapalabhati) to rev up your engine and clear away anything that feels stuck or stagnate inside. You'll walk away feeling spacious, radiant and energized.

    Teacher: Jessie Barr

  • Evening Pranayama

    Connect to your inner landscape by turning your awareness inside in a generous way. You'll use alternate nostril breathing (Nadi Shodhana) to cultivate a sense of equanimity inside. By manipulating your breath you can manipulate time; slow down your internal world and connect to a deep feeling of...

  • Happy Hips

    This is a great practice to start or end your day with the intention of releasing some tension and opening up your hips.

    Teacher: Shannon Algeo