Meditation Station

Meditation Station

Practicing meditation for as little as three months has shown to drastically reduce anxiety and stress. Meditation reduces the density of brain tissue around your amygdala - the part of the brain that triggers the fear response.

These practices are for you to go inside and learn to be with yourself.

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Meditation Station
  • Vibrate Higher Meditation

    This energizing meditation is totes suggested, even if you’re shining like the top of "The Chrysler Building" already!

    This practice will simply feel good, and help you enjoy where you are. Close your eyes, and turn your awareness inward on that astonishing self of yours.

    Teacher: Alexa Si...

  • Let It Go Meditation

    Non attachment; the ever elusive practice that the Buddha would say “is non-negotiable, yo.”

    Ironically, the tighter we grip, the faster it slithers through our fingers, and we may not be able to heal it or move through it effectively.

    This meditation is going to cut the cords that are ke...

  • Nadi Shodhana Balance Meditation

    The ancient technique helps you experience joy by getting clear and balanced.

    This alternate nostril breathing technique is amazing for balancing out the two hemispheres of the brain, and allowing for even more clarity and union.

    Teacher: Alexa Silvaggio

  • Receiving

    Connect with your breath and your ability be receptive and available to whatever it is you’d like to see flow to you. You’ll be lead through a visualization to acknowledge the effort in your past and open to receiving the grace and gifts flowing to you in the present.

    Teacher: Jessie Barr

  • Centering Yourself

    Attend to yourself with this powerful meditation practice that will usher you into your inner world. Connect with your inner atmosphere and design your inner state. Discover a sense of possibility and presence that is deeply nourishing.

    Teacher: Jessie Barr

  • Coming Home: The Body as an Abode

    Your body is your house, your home, your abode. Cultivate safety and joy. Radically embody yourself and empower how you handle yourself and your heart in the world.

    *This meditation is based on a methodology that is central to the Katonah Yoga methodology.

    Teacher: Jessie Barr

  • Forgiveness Meditation

    This 5 minute meditation is all about forgiveness. Forgiving someone doesn’t condone behavior, it simply sets you free from the attachment to it. Let’s dig deep and go for it.

    Teacher: Alexa Silvaggio

  • Well Meditation

    This visualization meditation is deeply relaxing and rejuvenating. Using the metaphor of a water well, you are guided to drop deeply into your mind and relax your central nervous system so that you can fully replenish your life energy.

    Teacher: Shannon Algeo

  • Remind Mediation

    Connect back to your true self - in your purest, simplest form. This 20-min meditation serves as a reminder that you are enough as you are - right now.

    Teacher: Shannon Algeo

  • Grounding Yourself Meditation

    In this 10 minute meditation you'll befriend your breath and build trust in the beingness of your bones. Using your exhalation to connect you to a quality of anchoring in your lower body you'll experience a vibrant grounding cord meditation to help you connect with a sense of safety and clarity.

  • Inner Aliveness Meditation

    It can be easy focus on everything going on outside of us. This meditation allows you to tune into the life energy inside of you. This is a sacred opportunity to go inside and give some love to the billions of cells operating within you right now.

    Teacher: Shannon Algeo

  • Easeful Heart Meditation

    Connect to deep healing with this potent practice designed to help you find clearance, feel at ease in your body and luminous in your heart.

    Teacher: Jessie Barr

  • Basking Meditation

    Steep yourself in a feeling of softness. This meditation encourages you to connect with yourself compassionately. You'll cultivate a feeling of lightness and expansion in and around your heart, where you can dwell in a nourishing way. Mindfulness, deep breathing and hands on healing.

    Teacher: ...

  • Cultivating Confidence Meditation

    In this meditation you'll use the repetition of a mantra to create more security and confidence. Meditations that use singing and mantras are very useful for processing emotions that become powerful and intense. Give yourself the gift of acknowledging what you're working with interiorly and recon...

  • Grounding + Energizing Meditation

    This 10 minute meditation will inspire vibrancy from the inside out. This meditation is a fabulous way to begin your day, starting rooted, grounded, and energized. #betterthancoffee

    Teacher: Alexa Silvaggio

  • Practice Presence Talk

    What does it mean to be truly present?

    In this talk, you'll learn:

    1. What presence isn't.
    2. The definition of the ego.
    3. How to let go of labels, judgement, and attachment.
    4. The process of dissolving the ego in yourself and others.

    Learn to turn up the volume of presence in ...

  • ROOTED: 1st Chakra Meditation

    This meditation is designed to ground you into the present moment and create an environment of inner security and safety.

    Connect with the energy of the earth, tap into the power of tribal interconnectedness, and let your immune system be fully supported.

    Teacher: Shannon Algeo

  • RELATED: 2nd Chakra Meditation

    This meditation is for you to release any blocks in creativity and explore your unique balance of masculine and feminine energy.

    As we go into this meditation, we are reminded that relationships are our clearest mirrors and most divine teachers. Use this meditation as a resource to heal disco...

  • EMPOWERED: 3rd Chakra Meditation

    Tap into your personal power and discover your sense of self. Release stories of self-doubt or feelings of lack of worthiness.

    In this meditation, we strengthen your connection to the fierce and fiery power that is your birthright. Be prepared to be a bad*ss!

    Element: Fire

    Teacher: Sha...

  • LOVED: 4th Chakra Meditation

    Release resentment and blame. Step into the heart’s capacity to love infinitely and unconditionally. Explore the true love, compassion, connection, and joy that resides within YOU.

    Element: Air

    Teacher: Shannon Algeo

  • HEARD: 5th Chakra Meditation

    Your truth deserves to be heard and must be spoken. This meditation explores your connection to your truth and to your voice.

    Element: Space

    Teacher: Shannon Algeo

  • SEEN: 6th Chakra Meditation

    This meditation is designed to help you see clearly. Explore the power of your vision, put a stop to any toxic habitual patterns of the mind, and create new neural pathways that serve your highest good.

    Element: Light

    Teacher: Shannon Algeo

  • CONNECTED: 7th Chakra Meditation

    Practice being in the present moment and connect to all 7 chakras through the top of your head.

    In this meditation, we'll explore the energy at the top of the head and your connection to the spiritual energy above and beyond you.

    Element: Thought

    Teacher: Shannon Algeo