Meditate with Jessie

Meditate with Jessie

These gentle meditations guided by Jessie will support you to tap into your inner spaciousness.

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Meditate with Jessie
  • Receiving

    Connect with your breath and your ability be receptive and available to whatever it is you’d like to see flow to you. You’ll be lead through a visualization to acknowledge the effort in your past and open to receiving the grace and gifts flowing to you in the present.

    Teacher: Jessie Barr

  • Coming Home: The Body as an Abode

    Your body is your house, your home, your abode. Cultivate safety and joy. Radically embody yourself and empower how you handle yourself and your heart in the world.

    *This meditation is based on a methodology that is central to the Katonah Yoga methodology.

    Teacher: Jessie Barr

  • Centering Yourself

    Attend to yourself with this powerful meditation practice that will usher you into your inner world. Connect with your inner atmosphere and design your inner state. Discover a sense of possibility and presence that is deeply nourishing.

    Teacher: Jessie Barr

  • Basking Meditation

    Steep yourself in a feeling of softness. This meditation encourages you to connect with yourself compassionately. You'll cultivate a feeling of lightness and expansion in and around your heart, where you can dwell in a nourishing way. Mindfulness, deep breathing and hands on healing.

    Teacher: ...

  • Grounding Yourself Meditation

    In this 10 minute meditation you'll befriend your breath and build trust in the beingness of your bones. Using your exhalation to connect you to a quality of anchoring in your lower body you'll experience a vibrant grounding cord meditation to help you connect with a sense of safety and clarity.

  • Easeful Heart Meditation

    Connect to deep healing with this potent practice designed to help you find clearance, feel at ease in your body and luminous in your heart.

    Teacher: Jessie Barr