F*ck Being Perfect

F*ck Being Perfect

We have been conditioned to believe our worth is based on a number on the scale. Fed daily by an economy that prospers off of us feeling like shit about ourselves, our insecurity is all encompassing.

In that constant, fear-gripped state of reactivity, we lash out and seek to control the thing society tells us contains our total worth: Our bodies.

Use the following sequences to help you cultivate a more loving relationship to your body, on and off the mat. Alexa will meet you where you are -- physically, mentally, and emotionally. Every. Damn. Day.

Teacher: Alexa Silvaggio

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F*ck Being Perfect
  • Restore Your Heart and Gut

    Have you ever noticed where in your body you actually feel your emotions?

    You’ve probably said or heard, “this just breaks my heart” or “ugh, I am sick to my stomach about this”. Yes, our emotions are primarily felt in our heart and gut.

    Let’s hit the mat with this restorative sequence, ...

  • You're Supported: Yin Yoga

    Welcome to a series of hip openers that are held for an extended period of time, generally between 3-6 minutes. This practice is designed to create new openings in the body.

    When you release muscular tension, and rely on your fascia, joints, and the blankets to hold us up, you create more perm...

  • Slow Flow Fo Sho

    Slow, mindful movement is going to help you come home to your body, and move it in a way that actually feels good.

    Yes, you’ll build some heat, but not in a Richard Simmons kind of way.

    Teacher: Alexa Silvaggio

  • Embody Your Body

    Hit it, don’t quit it!

    Embodying your body is a slow vinyasa flow created to let you move and feel your body from the inside out, rather than judging it from the outside in.

    Teacher: Alexa Silvaggio

  • Truce with Yourself

    This practice is going to move your body, but it is also going to help you move your mind.

    We may not be able to change our thinking vastly right away, but through this process we can begin to negotiate a gentle truce with ourselves.

    If you don’t love yourself, saying, “I love myself” as ...

  • Effort and Ease

    There is a balance between effort and ease, both on and off the mat.

    In fact, the world is full of dichotomies. That is part of what makes this journey called life so magnanimous.

    We wouldn’t know effort unless we also knew ease, we wouldn’t know light unless we also knew dark, and we woul...

  • Vibrate Higher Meditation

    This energizing meditation is totes suggested, even if you’re shining like the top of "The Chrysler Building" already!

    This practice will simply feel good, and help you enjoy where you are. Close your eyes, and turn your awareness inward on that astonishing self of yours.

    Teacher: Alexa Si...

  • Core Desire Practice

    Sometimes it feels good to go all in with some rigorous movement. If you feel me on this, this asana is going to be right up your alley.

    What do you desire to be at your core? You'll be guided to choose one word to focus on in this practice and you'll soak it into your tissues effortlessly.

  • Let It Go Meditation

    Non attachment; the ever elusive practice that the Buddha would say “is non-negotiable, yo.”

    Ironically, the tighter we grip, the faster it slithers through our fingers, and we may not be able to heal it or move through it effectively.

    This meditation is going to cut the cords that are ke...

  • Be the Calm Amidst the Chaos

    Big day with a lot going on?

    Start out your day with this "wham bam thank you ma'am" practice that will drop you in, get you sweating, and help you move through whatever is going on, with grace.

    Teacher: Alexa Silvaggio

  • Nadi Shodhana Balance Meditation

    The ancient technique helps you experience joy by getting clear and balanced.

    This alternate nostril breathing technique is amazing for balancing out the two hemispheres of the brain, and allowing for even more clarity and union.

    Teacher: Alexa Silvaggio