Embody Your Body

Embody Your Body

We don’t necessarily use our bodies to get into these poses... the purpose of these poses is to get you back into your body.

When you’re at work but thinking about that thing that happened yesterday, you’re not in your body. When you’re having a conversation but your making plans for tomorrow, you’re not in your body.

Very rarely are we full embodied wherever we are, and these practices are here to change that. Let’s knock you conscious and into this moment with the following sequences. Enjoy!

Teacher: Alexa Silvaggio

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Embody Your Body
  • Dance Flow

    The is the perfect class if you like to flow, want to move your entire body and sweat it out.

    Let’s swing, open, and move continuously, leaving you feeling ready to roll with all that life brings your way.

    Teacher: Alexa Silvaggio

  • Twist it Out

    If you're feeling heavy or bloated or stuck in life, this practice will support you.

    This flow will feel great on the spine and digestive system. We are clearing away anything that no longer serves and creating space to welcome in that which does.

    Let’s rinse it out shall we? Out with the...

  • I Am

    This 45 minute practice will leave you feeling open, help you build some heat, and knock you conscious. “I am” is a very powerful statement, the way we finish that sentence guides our experience in life, and the way in which we see the world. Let’s choose a loving lens shall we?

    Teacher: Alexa...

  • Yin Practice

    This short and sweet yin practice will enable you to sit with yourself, open your physical body, and surrender. Yin yoga is all about the hips, holding shapes for up to 5 minutes a piece, enabling you to create more space.

    Teacher: Alexa Silvaggio

  • Effort and Ease

    This 75 minute practice is 50 minutes of effort, sweaty, flowy goodness, and 25 minutes of ease, restorative, restful bliss.

    Teacher: Alexa Silvaggio