Chakra Check Up: 7 Yoga Practices

Chakra Check Up: 7 Yoga Practices

The seven chakras are the 7 energy centers of the body. Think of them as our energetic power stations where we give, receive, and hold our energy.

These 7 unique classes are designed to balance and transform the energy of each individual chakra "energy center."

These practices support you to:

-Put a stop on any energy leakages
-Reclaim your power
-Stand confident in who you are
-Balance and move all of the energy in your body
-Access mental clarity
-Integrate mind, body, and spirit.

These practices are around 30 minutes each. Get ready to explore the physical, mental, and energetic wisdom of each chakra!

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Chakra Check Up: 7 Yoga Practices
  • First Chakra: Roots Run Deep

    The root chakra is also known as the tribal power chakra. Ground into your roots and explore your connection to your feet and strong standing postures. You will create a sense of safety and security in your body.

    Connection to the physical body: Spinal column, rectum, legs, bones, feet, and i...

  • Second Chakra: Healing Relations

    The location of the second chakra is the lower abdomen to navel area. We will explore the energy of creativity and relationships. This practice will support you to open up your creative energy and explore the masculine/feminine energy within yourself.

    If there is a relationship in your life t...

  • Third Chakra: Honor Yourself

    The third chakra practice will assist you in accessing your personal power. The location is behind the solar plexus. In this practice, we will focus on strengthening your core. The energy of this chakra is where we source our confidence, worthiness, and inner fire.

    Tap into the experience of k...

  • Fourth Chakra: Power Your Heart

    Tap into the emotional heart center of your body and bring the energy of love into all of your poses. Discover a wellspring of loving energy with you. Release past toxicity, resentment, and blame. Plant seeds of love, connection, compassion, and joy in your heart chakra.

    We’ll explore support...

  • Fifth Chakra: Power Your Will

    Use your voice as a vessel for higher vibrational energy and love to be felt and spoken through the tones of your voice.

    We’ll explore ujjayi breath, forward bends, boat pose, bridge, shoulder stand, plow, and Bhramari Pranayama to activate and regulate the thyroid.

    Connection: Throat, th...

  • Sixth Chakra: Visionary Mind Power

    This practice will support you to seek the truth and “get your head on straight.” Release any delusional thinking and see what is clearly occurring in this moment right now. This sequence is designed to stimulate the brain, shift your thinking, and relax your mind.

    We’ll explore alternate nos...

  • Seventh Chakra: Spirit Connection

    In this sequence, our practice is to live and be in the present moment. Through each pose, we’ll use the breath and our awareness of thoughts, sensations, and emotions to truly be in the “here and now.”

    We’ll explore meditation, downward dog, plank, stretching the sides of your spine, warrior...