Chakra Check In: 7 Meditations

Chakra Check In: 7 Meditations

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Chakra Check In: 7 Meditations
  • ROOTED: 1st Chakra Meditation

    This meditation is designed to ground you into the present moment and create an environment of inner security and safety.

    Connect with the energy of the earth, tap into the power of tribal interconnectedness, and let your immune system be fully supported.

    Teacher: Shannon Algeo

  • RELATED: 2nd Chakra Meditation

    This meditation is for you to release any blocks in creativity and explore your unique balance of masculine and feminine energy.

    As we go into this meditation, we are reminded that relationships are our clearest mirrors and most divine teachers. Use this meditation as a resource to heal disco...

  • EMPOWERED: 3rd Chakra Meditation

    Tap into your personal power and discover your sense of self. Release stories of self-doubt or feelings of lack of worthiness.

    In this meditation, we strengthen your connection to the fierce and fiery power that is your birthright. Be prepared to be a bad*ss!

    Element: Fire

    Teacher: Sha...

  • LOVED: 4th Chakra Meditation

    Release resentment and blame. Step into the heart’s capacity to love infinitely and unconditionally. Explore the true love, compassion, connection, and joy that resides within YOU.

    Element: Air

    Teacher: Shannon Algeo

  • HEARD: 5th Chakra Meditation

    Your truth deserves to be heard and must be spoken. This meditation explores your connection to your truth and to your voice.

    Element: Space

    Teacher: Shannon Algeo

  • SEEN: 6th Chakra Meditation

    This meditation is designed to help you see clearly. Explore the power of your vision, put a stop to any toxic habitual patterns of the mind, and create new neural pathways that serve your highest good.

    Element: Light

    Teacher: Shannon Algeo

  • CONNECTED: 7th Chakra Meditation

    Practice being in the present moment and connect to all 7 chakras through the top of your head.

    In this meditation, we'll explore the energy at the top of the head and your connection to the spiritual energy above and beyond you.

    Element: Thought

    Teacher: Shannon Algeo