Advanced Inversions #UpsideDownLife

Advanced Inversions #UpsideDownLife

Learn something new, get out of your comfort zone, and step into your power and presence. That’s really what inversions are all about.

Whether you’re working on crow, headstand, or handstand, getting upside down or standing on your hands can be scary.

In these classes, you'll build trust with yourself by moving through step-by-step breakdowns of each pose to get you feeling confident and strong.

You’ll be slaying them in no time.

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Advanced Inversions #UpsideDownLife
  • Crow, You’ve Got This

    Have you been practicing for a while, yet crow is still eluding you? Sometimes breaking down a pose like crow simply isn’t available in group classes and studios.

    We are going to warm you up and break it down together in this 30 minute practice.

    Teacher: Alexa Silvaggio

  • Handstand: Let's Get Upside Down

    This 20 minute practice is all about setting you up for standing on your hands!

    Adho mukha vriksasana forces us to be present - it knocks us conscious without even trying. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense, it’s very easy to check out when you’re in child’s pose, but when you’re...